Thursday, June 10, 2010

frippin frappin virus

when i got on the laptop to write about Z's birthday i realized it had a virus. almost 3 weeks later, a multitude of various malware/virus/etc-type programs & scans later i think it's clean, but i still don't trust it.

you know i'd hate for my blog to get hijacked...or my FB account, all the important things in life.

anyways, i think i got it, although i'm working on the desktop, just to be sure...

now i have tons of posting to make up for.

updated 6/16 - birthday, bike riding, beach trip & funeral posts have been made


  1. you always confuse me when you go back and post chronologically. thanks for putting the update though or i would have missed them. :-)

  2. sorry, i know it's misleading but if i don't i'll be confused even moreso

  3. what i should do is set up my reader so that i just see the new posts. but really? that would be easy. lol


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