Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How many lumps would you like with that?

I can't help but think of Bugs Bunny & the puma he wallops over the head....
on to business though...

The Saturday before Christmas we went to Knotts Berry Farm with R & crew. We ended up splitting into groups, the rollercoaster riders & the sissy-la-las. You know I'm in the latter group right? I like to say it's bc of my neck/back/migraine issues which IS true however even if it wasn't, I truly am a big sissy & would most likely puke all over everyone. i'm fun like that.

Z & I spent a good portion of our time (& all of his $) at the rock shop. I can say he gets that from me. I remember going to shows & being intrigued with them, just as he is.

I found the old timey portrait place, something I've always wanted to do. I hadn't seen the shop since I was a kid so I assumed they didn't do it anymore. I was finally the saloon whore girl I always wanted to be. B was a gambler/cowboy type & Z chose not to participate. I was bummed about that, but decided to simply honor his wishes & not make a big deal about it.

So while I was trying to get myself together in the corset, B had to help if course, he noticed a hard lump in left boob. I hadn't noticed it before & honestly I don't think there are 2 days in a row when B doesn't handle my boobs, so it was new.

Over the next few days the lump got smaller, it felt like a clogged milk duct only I hadn't nursed in 8 years. Right after Christmas I made an appt with my primary dr.

On Weds after New Years I saw the dr first thing. She asked my age & when I told her 41, she said "good, you've recently had a mammogram." Then I had tell her at my last appt with the other dr I asked about getting one & he didn't think it was necessary (in Aug).

She then felt the lump & said it was big. I told her it was a lot smaller than what it was originally. In my opinion it's almost gone, but she said it was 2cm & that's big. My lymph nodes aren't swollen, which is good, she thinks it's a fluid filled cyst.

While I wasn't worked up about it before, or at least I was trying to not, she had her nurse schedule a mammogram & ultra-sound the very next day. Then she gave me the number to a surgeon, whom I will see on Friday to discuss results.

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