Wednesday, January 9, 2013

dropping bombs, the -f- type

i wasn't sure how to follow up the last post.  i don't remember much about summer to post anything about july or august.  then i started thinking about Z & school...

there's lots of catching up to do with Z.  lots.  this year hasn't gone as well as last, Z said early on his teacher was too nice.  the school's VP did place him this year, but i guess options were limited; Z got a teacher that only has a couple of years of experience & she previously taught younger grades.  it's hard to go in at a meet & greet & tell a bright eyed young teacher not to give your child an inch.

Z was visiting the VP's office the first week of school.  he & another student were playing who can get the sharpest pencil game. Z won, although it was accident, she agreed, it wasn't a good game for someone who knows the VP so well.  the girl leaned forward or something, Z pulled back but not enough & she ended up with the pencil poking her in the hand.  there were a couple of other things, phone calls, visits, slips that sometimes made it home & sometimes they went in the school toilet.

the winner for the year (so far, we're only 1/2 way) is the story when the class was supposed to have quiet time to work on their assignments.  according to Z he was being quiet & working while many in the class were talking, making noises, being distracting, etc.  Z went to the teacher to complain that they were not following her instruction.  i don't know what she said but Z returned to his desk to work.  the noise continued & Z shushed everyone, but that didn't stop them either.

finally he'd had enough so he went back to the teacher explained to her again that he was doing what he was supposed to, that he was following the rules & the others weren't & just wasn't f-ing fair.

yes, plain & simple as that.

he was sent to the VP's office & i got a phone call asking that Z be provided with ear plugs.

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