Friday, January 4, 2013

the answer is - several

on thursday i had the joyful opportunity of experiencing my first mammogram.  i had heard it was painful & i don't know, i guess i figured i'm tough, sort it turns out i am not, well, my boobs aren't, that's for sure.  mammograms are some sort of sadistic torture procedure in my opinion. i really, really had no idea you could squish a boob that much.

after the mammogram fun i waited & was called into another room for the ultrasound.  the technician there told me the dr had viewed the results & although initially they were going to only scan to left side, he requested to have the right scanned as well.  so she scanned & clicked & scanned & clicked, a lot.  then she moved to the other side & scanned & clicked a whole lot more.  i asked if that meant i had a lot of them & she said yes. of course she can't say anything, but really, this was intense.  just tell me already!

she left to tell the dr she was done & said either she or he would return to tell me results.  i assume dr came back if it was bad news. thankfully she came back, but i asked her if B could come & hear what she had to say.  she said it was simple - that i just had many fluid filled cysts, both sides, it was very common & they were nothing to be really concerned about.  she did go get B so we could view the ultrasounds with the dr.  it wasn't cancer, wasn't pre-cancer, just fluid, most likely related to fluctuating hormones.  i asked if i needed to keep my appt with the surgeon & he said i could, but he didn't see the need for it.

i did, under my primary care dr's advice, keep the appt with the surgeon though.  she thought it was best to establish a baseline, in case there was a problem in the future, which i think is smart.  even though the dr at the ultrasound office said it wasn't a big deal, i was still worried at the time of the appt though.  he said the large one measured out at 2.8cm & that if i wanted he could drain it, but it could come back.  i decided to wait & see how things are over the next couple of months.

i was advised by all the dr's to get familiar with my [abnormally] normal.

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