Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ping pong ball

Tues 7am appt didn't work. i showed up, we tried, but the system said i wasn't a US citizen - am i?
well, does CA still count?
born, raised, been a citizen my entire life....evidently they're rather particular about it, so i was told to return to my h/r office to fix it.

so i went there (on my empty tank of gas). the person who does this stuff is off for the day, the person who is there can't help, the other person who may be able to help won't show up until 8:30 - just go to work.

i got in the car & headed back to the office. now my car, to open the trunk is a true feat; you have to press the button & send mental thoughts "open, open, open" just right, not too fast, not too slow, don't hold the button too long or too short in order to get the damn thing to open.
however, the cursed thing can also accidently be set, how i still don't know, but to make things worse, the 'open trunk' thingie doesn't register until you've driven about 1/2 a mile.

so i leave the office, drive down the road & the buzzer starts going off that the trunk is open. i decide to go get gas & i'll just close it then. i approach the gas station only to find it enclosed in fences as the pumps are being dug up.
that's the only gas station on base, so now i have to wait & the darn open trunk buzzer is going off & i'm sure my car is in the midst of a panic attack & curious if it will just shut off the engine so i'll close the trunk. i made it to work though....then walked off forgeting to close the trunk.....but remembered just as i approached the office door.

when i get there boss says i must have missed that box on the form. how, i'm not sure it only has about 8 questions & i reviewed it probably 3X to be sure everything was correct, but who am i to argue. so i use his computer to retrieve my e-mail to get the website, then try to log in, but alas after a week at the beach my brain has dumped all passwords. that's what a vacation is for right?

so he has to send an e-mail to someone requesting my password & he tells her what's up. she contacts him shortly thereafter & says she reviewed my application (again) & it's fine, i didn't miss anything, she re-submitted it & i should return to the office.

i go back to the office (stop & get gas finally), but still no luck. the system still says i'm not a citizen. so i call the review lady that said it was fine but she says it's good on her end & there's nothing she can do, then i talk to the lady in the office & i know, i saw the pop up saying my citizenship is missing, but she says there's nothing she can do either.
somewhere something is screwed up but nobody can or knows how to fix it. so the lady at the office says review lady needs to call for help. that wasn't an easy phone call as review lady isn't very nice & i'm pissing her off (not even on purpose, but i'm a thorn in her side).
office lady is leaving for lunch so she tells me to either go back to work or take lunch (yeah, it's LUNCH time now) because she'll be away & nothing's going to happen anyways.

back to work once again. again (why can't new boss just call me?) as soon as i walk in the door he tells me i need to take my birth certificate to another office. apparently although EVERYTHING was fine on my application, the system pulled in some info because i'm a military spouse & it's f-ing everything up! luckily i know where my birth cert is so it wasn't a problem. i took it in to the 2nd office, he checked the box, then sent me back to 1st office. it finally worked...i finally got it!

or so i thought....

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