Monday, June 23, 2008

san clam disco

that's an ode to james...

so we're here. didn't leave home until 12....30, so much for early, it's just not in the bloodline. made good time, about 7 hours...considering a stop for Z to potty, a stop for me to eat, then another stop for me because i was falling asleep & my eyes were crossing (which i hear isn't a good way to drive). Z didn't nap the entire drive but still managed to be a ball of energy once he got out of the car. i have to remind myself that he behaves in the way a perfectly healthy boy would& i have to be thankful for all the energy & non-stop talking (at school they say he doesn't talk much, evidently he saves it all for us).

we had dinner at a WAY authentic asian restuarant, forgive my uneducated self for not knowing what version of asian, but the menu was fricken scary i must say!
one chicken dish, showed the entire chicken (as in head still on) then there was a few frog dishes (not just legs, entire frog on a plate).
B had scallops & broccoli & in a mis-guided effort to please Z i ordered crab & vermicilli. i thought it was good but he didn't like & it took forever to get the crab out of the shell & they didn't give me pliers so i had to use my hands & teeth - attractive i know!
probably won't let any more stupid white people in their restaurant again...

Sun was great. we went down to the exploratorium. didn't realize it, but that in itself is an all day affair. unfortunately we parked in 4 hr zone, so we didn't get to see everything. B suggested we just move to another parking spot, he doesn't realize what a premium parking is in these parts. so we left there & went down to the 39th pier; wasn't what i expected, just shopping & food...oh & parking for $7/hr. we had to cut the day short as i was exhausted & wanted to rest up for training.

forgot to note - it was 57 degrees at 10am, 50 possible 60 degrees cooler than home!

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