Thursday, June 26, 2008

next vaca - Whole Foods

been to Henry's & Trader Joe's many a time. prefer Henry's but Trader Joe's is near ((as near can be) to home). down the street from our hotel is a Whole Foods. if you haven't been to one, it's an experience i recommend. B said he could spend an entire day there just looking at everything & if we had one nearby, we would definitely be broke.

they did have a tray of some green leafy thing, basil or spinach, completely wilted & i told B it reminded me of home's "fresh" vegetables at double the regular price.

we went to dinner last night at the fish market & it was a complete disappointment. so afterwards we headed to Whole Foods so B could get a 2nd dinner. the other night we found they have a complete area with prepared food but last night we found near the seafood counter they also have prepared seafood dishes & soups! dude, totally could have saved some $$ & had a better meal!

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