Friday, June 20, 2008

going fast

this week flew by. i've got internet access so i can surf & work (somewhat). tuesday we got the new, scratch that, gently used sofa & chair for the living room. on Weds B had his dr appt (V time) & Z had his birthday portrait taken. last night we had a friend over for dinner. tonight we have a little get together thing to go to & then we have to get everything ready for my training in SF.

yup, leaving as early as we can, which knowing us, we'll be happy that's 10am. have to drop L-Bird off at the kennel & pick up the rental, finish up any packing (assuming we get started tonight!) & on the road.

B & Z are tagging along - YAH!! - so we're going to sneak in some fun time.
oh & it's going to be cold, lows in the '50s & highs in the '60s, we're gonna freeze our pa-tooties off after being used to over 100 lately.
yeah, the other night coming home from town about 9:30pm & it was 96 degrees, so much for cooling down.
remember that day i complained about 80? i'm sorry, i'm spoiled, please come back.

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