Tuesday, June 24, 2008

figured it out

i didn't feel all that great on Sat's drive up here & on Sun's adventures i just figured i was tired.

yesterday on my drive home from training i was nauseous, then as i got to the top of the stairs i ran into B & Z heading to the pool. B was eating a chocolate chip cookie & it smelled gross.
how could a cc cookie smell gross?
well it wasn't until later that evening that i figured out i had a migraine. i can have migraines without the headache part, just nausea & super duper sniffing capabilities where even good things smell bad.

so i'm here at training, but not doing so well. thankfully i know portions of this already so i'm not lost. i fell asleep for 30 seconds & woke when the instructor asked me a question - oops!
i told him 1st thing this morning that i wasn't feeling well!


  1. yuck! at first i was thinking...uh oh, preggers! lol if that was the only other choice i'm sure you would have picked migraine.

    & btw, rude of the instructor to call on you when he new you were not feeling well. :-(

  2. haha, yeah, everytime i get a migraine i remind myself...this is exactly what pregnancy was like for me for 3-4 months!


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