Thursday, June 12, 2008

access finally - pt 2

although i have internet access, my computer for accessing the internet was dead. (i have 2 computers at work, one for working, one piece of crap for internet.)

there's a running joke around the office about how i brought a black cloud & have broken everything around me....although that computer was broken before i got there. the guy who worked there before me had problems with it but didn't bother getting it fixed, so the 1st time we tried to turn it on, blue screen on death & that was it.

last week we called for computer help. they said they would be out Fri to pick up & return it on Tues. Fri boss let me out early & closed the office. Mon no one came by or called. Tues i called & asked what was up. they said they ran a diagnostic remotely & the computer needed a new hard drive that was on order. on Weds the guy showed up to take my computer & said he'd be back Thurs. true to his word he did, HOWEVER, the darn thing wouldn't take my stupid card!

although i had a card that worked, a computer that worked, my keyboard wouldn't take my card. close but yet so far! he returned shortly before the end of the day & i finally, finally, finally have internet access at my desk.

watch out internet, on Monday we're ON! did you miss me?

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