Tuesday, June 17, 2008

about the stove

this post is on behalf of B's request...

this weekend, being fathers' day weekend & all, much bacon was consumed & B cooked breakfast 2x i believe. well, cooking on our stove is difficult at best. as i previously stated it's either WAY ON or barely lit, so cooking anything either takes 3 to 4x longer than it should or it's quicker & burnt.

get where i'm going?

yeah, B burnt the bacon.
although i've been burning bacon on that stove for the past 3 years, this was the catapult.

when i arrived home from work yesterday old stove was in the backyard & there was a gaping hole where it used to be. kinda nice having that extra space in that sardine can we use for a kitchen, however i need a stove because i have to eat often. luckily we have a spare stove. ok, not spare, but it's the one we brought up from SD house that B is supposed to fix so we can return down there & get the new one back up here. that's the plan at least.

but the sin of burnt bacon is making things happen. last night was time to bring the SD stove into our kitchen, not so new & somewhat broken is still loads better than the piece of crap we've been using. so i go to the garage because B can't just pick the thing up & carry it in by himself & i'm thinking to myself 'why doesn't he ask strong young guy across the street to help him?' i certainly don't want him to hurt himself, but really how much can i help?

when B shows up in the garage i tell him "you really should get a dolly, you move a lot of heavy stuff.....
& you make me help you".
he laughs & thanks me for being so concerned.


  1. one instance of burned bacon and the stove is out? b has to work on his patience. you have put up with it 3 years!! ;-)

  2. i'm not going to complain, the SM stove is in & it looks so much better than the old one. B fixed the broken burner so it doesn't fall into the stove anymore, but now the sparker thingie doesn't work so we have to use a match to light it. still MUCH better though!


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