Thursday, June 12, 2008

weird lady

weird lady at new job

-ok, yes, she's at one end of the building & i'm at the other, but she will call me to talk to me, really, it's not THAT far, it's a small building

-one time she called me & i was at the back desk so it took me a minute to hear the ring & get to my phone to answer it & she told me "this is YOUR phone, YOU need to answer it" - duh! but thanks for the heads up otherwise i would have just let the mf'r ring & wondered what that sound was

-she told me i need to organize the supplies in my office - go away, my office, my supplies

-there was a small cactus near my desk & co-worker (S) told me i could have it because guy before my had left it there. then she told me weird lady had taken her's, that she (weird lady) wanted her plant to have a friend! ok, let's review, weird lady took the plant from someone there, but left an abandoned plant to die...

-one more, the other day i walked down the hall to use the bathroom, but she walked in before i got there. not a big deal i turned around & was almost back to my office when she hollars at me "DID YOU NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM?"....yeah, thanks!

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