Monday, June 23, 2008

oh city how i miss thee...

let me count the ways.

freeway - yup, missed you, you're not the one i know, but you will do
palace of fine arts, exploratorium & pier 39 - places to go, see people, do things, not stuck with nowhere to go
starbucks, jamba juice, noah's bagels - right outside the hotel, good places to eat without even driving anywhere!

i'm at training now, well lunch break really, but loving it here.

the office is located on a pennisula, a group of 8 or 10 buildings where a lot of stuff is happening.

ever read about how microsoft has it's own little environment? yeah, here too. cafeteria lunch options included a few varieties of pizza, some mexican food, some indian food & sushi. then there's the salad/fruit bar & a sandwich bar, plus all kinds of breads, muffins & chips and 3 refrigeration units filled with all kinds of sodas, teas & fruit drinks.

i had chicken, tofu & vegetable vindaloo over basmati rice with lemongrass tea to drink...nice! i people watched as i sat at the table by myself. i miss working in a large environment.

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