Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Z's grades

late as usual i am, but been meaning to post for some time....

report for the boy:
lit scores-1st trimester 517/2nd 503/3rd 594

areas where he could use some improvement:
Language - blending vowel & consonant sounds, writes CVC words (whatever those are), prints alphabet correctly (inconsistent sizes & sometimes writes letters backwards)
Math - 1 to 1 correspondence to 30, writing #s to 30
Measurement & Geometry (in K?) - Naming days of the week (reviewed & he had no trouble)
Personal & Social Dev (here's where it gets bad): practices self control (he's a boy & he's the son of B, honestly you really need to take those factors into consideration), cooperates with others (he's mine, we don't do that well), listens without interrupting (still working w/B on that, for 6 he's doing awesome), follows rules (again, child of B, be realistic), stays on tasks (ha! not with the parents he has)

Notes on file:
Nov conference - Z is hesitant to participate in class activities. He always completes his class work & enjoys his school friends.
June - Z is a careful & thoughtful worker. He completes assignments & takes pride in his work. He enjoys the extra K activities.

Grade placement for Fall '08 - 1st grade - WHOOHOO!

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