Sunday, June 1, 2008

weekend & UM

Fri we got up, packed & headed home. we didn't want to leave, but it's nice to come home & still have the whole weekend to relax & re-coup. not to mention considering the shape we left the house in, i needed the entire weekend to clean it up & do 10 loads of laundry!

i'm not looking forward to Mon; because B has to go into work early & because i have to be at work by 7 - that means i have to get Z up & ready by about 6:40 (he's used to getting up about 7 or 7:10) so he can be bused off to school. our schedules have been so lax lately he's been going to bed at 10:30 some nights! last night i put him to bed close to 9 & he would not shut his eyes for anything. hopefully tonight will be better.

and then there's the big thing.....
Uncle M is in the hospital & the prognosis is not good. i didn't realize it, but it's been 6 months since he's had food; he's been living off a tube where liquids are fed to him & he gets air. the cancer in his throat is spreading, the dr's can't say how long, "days, weeks or months...or possibly a miracle".
i spoke with Aunt O this morning, 48 years they've been married, she was only 16. how hard this must be for her. she said she always thought with her medical conditions, he would be the one to care for her not the other way around.

i didn't make a post about this before because i was hoping if i kept it in, it had less of a chance of getting worse, like writing it down made it real. it's not like my uncle was a father to me; but he & my aunt, they are what formed my ideas of what a husband & wife should be. i would stay with them in the summers when my mom went away to work.

tomorrow they get the results from the CAT scan & really have a better understanding of where he stands. prayers for him. prayers for her.

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  1. sorry to hear about UM. :-( hope the scan gives a glimmer of hope and good news!


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