Wednesday, June 10, 2009

knock knock

Z hates talking on the phone. i'm not sure if it's just cell phones or if it's all phones, but not a talker [phone-wise that is, in person WOW!].

although LV fam called & left an adorable vm message singing happy birthday to Z, it's taken awhile for us to give them a call back. [slackers, i know, we haven't been busy at all, nor sick & dying of swine flu. speaking of, i'm still hacking like i've been smoking since birth.]

so i finally remembered early enough to give them a call. Z had been prepped for days. he talked with cousin G a bit, then G accidently hung up on him when trying to answer another call [gotta love 6 year olds who think they know it all. i can say that, i birthed the master of know-it-all jr, heehee!.]

so i call back, but then Z says he's done, but lil M wants to talk to him. so they chat for a bit & i'm in the kitchen trying to help B move the refridgerator to the backyard. [yes, you read that right, fridge, backyard; stove's out there too. remember to get out of the ghetto you have to go straight through it?]

then i hear Z telling knock knock jokes. i didn't hear much of it, but it was so cute to listen to.

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  1. if all else fails, go to the knock, knock joke! good plan!


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