Saturday, June 27, 2009

past out on the bathroom floor

the timeframe: we need to go back to last week when we were still at the beach, the day i felt awful & thought i possibly was having a bad reaction to the antibiotics [macrobid].

at the ER they hooked up an iv to give me some fluids, more antibiotics, some sort of painkiller/tranquilizer & anti-nauseous meds. we were finally done & back to the cabin about midnight.

i was beyond exhausted & although i had just been given anti-nausea meds, they already seemed to be wearing off. B parked, i gathered my stuff & headed for the door. the 3 steps to get up to the door were more than i had to give & i started getting hot flashes, the ones that are in time with your heartbeat. i got inside, dropped everything in front of the bathroom then went in & sat in front of the toilet waiting for the inevitable to happen.

i sat with my knees to my chest but got uncomfortable so i stretched my legs out across the floor. the nausea & hot flashes started to subside so i leaned my back up against the tub & my head against the wall. before i knew it i was sleeping [on the bathroom floor of a trailer that rents out by the week - classy!], dreaming, the most glorious & refreshing sleep you could imagine. this sleep was so good i'll remember it for years to come.

i was dreaming [it felt like i had been sleeping for hours] when i was abruptly awakened by B yelling my name out. when i finally was lucid he asked me if i was ok? I said yes [duh!], i was just sleeping [on the bathroom floor of a trailer].

B's side of the story: when i went into the bathroom, he walked to the front of the trailer (like 15 feet) to close a couple of windows, when he returned i was out cold. he said i was snorting/snoring/gagging/choking/breathing erratically & thought i was indeed having a reaction to the new meds [k-flex]; he thought he was going to have to call 911 to come get me.

i crawled into bed fully clothed & slept all night long. in the morning we went over the scenario again, i was was so tired & weak, i must have past out & i was just snoring from exhaustion.


  1. on your end you were having the best deep sleep in your life...on b's end you were choking to (not lol on the death part though...but i'm sure you know what i'm getting at.)

    hope you are feeling better.

    are you guys heat waving it up there like we are down here? 111 yesterday. :-(

  2. yeah, the new meds helped right away. made for a great story though, up there with a few tj ones!

    yes, it was 110 & we were outside painting cabinet doors yesterday afternoon - we know how to party...


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