Thursday, June 4, 2009

last day of 1st grade

Z's a lot like me & we like to know what's going on, as in surprises for the most part are not welcomed. so for the past few weeks i've been prepping him on the end of the school year, us moving & warning him basically about how all the normal chaos around house is going to increase to a level no one is going to be happy about, but that's just kinda normal when you move.

last week of school, fine.
last 3 days, good.
night before last day, tears.

he said he wanted his 2nd grade teacher to be just like Mrs. P.
i asked him if she thought he was mean & he said no & that made me really happy & proud. that maybe there's a chance he does understand the punishments he received were in response to his behavior, that it was her job to make sure everyone in the class was treated fairly. he also told me he was really going to miss her & that's when he started to cry. i told him he should tell her that & it would make her happy.

i reminded him that we were moving & that we didn't know any of the teachers at his new school that he has yet to evacuate. i also told him good teachers like Mrs. P, he will always remember & i told him about Mrs. Sellers my 1st grade teacher. she was a small woman with white old lady hair & she wore the cutest black suits. [yup, 31 years later & i still remember that. i also remember leaving my crayons in my desk the last day of school & going back to get them but they had already been put in the trash. i was pissed, they were special color crayons.]

anyhoo, back to the og post - B & I went in to class right before lunch to take a couple of pics of Mrs. P with Z. she told me Z had told her he was going to miss her, i'm glad he did. she gave us his report card & he finally got a few 3s (as in 'meets grade level', the highest rank) on there!!!

as B & I left the school we ran in to lady principal & i told her "YAH-we're going to 2nd grade!" & she said "i hear it's just like disneyland!"

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  1. CONGRATS to all of you! now on to bigger and better in the big city! ;-)


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