Monday, June 8, 2009

camping at sd house

fri nite we decided to head back down to sd. there was a carpet dilemma that needed to be solved (in person) & tile to pick up. so despite the ton of work we have to do at this house, we need to get the ball rolling down there too.
i'm not good at juggling.

i figured out the reason progress is so slow for us is because both B & I have a hard time making a decision, yet we are quick to dismiss the other's choice. not a good mix. but we finally picked out a carpet & have it on order (it's not the chocolate syrup one [thank goodness i talked him out of that one-OMG could you imagine?]) & we got our tile.

one problem, B decided it wasn't fancy enough for the fireplace so we spent the entire day looking for more tile. so by the time we started destruction of existing tile, i was already tired. yah, way to start a project.

we didn't get far sat & it took most of sun to finish the demo so we won't be able to start laying the new stuff until next weekend.

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