Tuesday, June 9, 2009

one more trip to medical

before i headed out to the dr's office i foolishly attempted to use the office bathroom. i know i shouldn't even bother walking down the hall, it's more exercise than an actual attempt to empty my bladder; with that being said, no surprise that it was occupado. so i tell co-worker i'm out for my appt & hopefully get to pee at the dr's office. as i'm saying this i'm opening the door to our office & there's a guy walking past that heard every.single.word.i said.
[yes, i did turn a few shades of scarlet. i am one classy chick.]

although january test results came back normal, my primary dr wanted to do a 6 mo check up beings the nov one wasn't normal. better safe than sorry right, so back i went.

Dear Cervix, this is my 3rd visit in 8 months, you've had more than enough attention lately, can we be done with this?

to add to all the fun, handsome was there.
which was nice, you know, to start off with
[eye candy = good]
then he escorted me to the examination room
[entering shaky ground as the room is prepped for a female examination]
then he has to enter my info ON THE SAMPLE CUP
[awesome, can i crawl under a chair?]
on which he tells me he accidentally spells my name with a 'f' because his girlfriend has the same name only she spells it with an 'f'
[can i see your tattoo with my name on it only it's spelled wrong?]

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