Saturday, June 20, 2009


yeah, x2.
i wasn't feeling well, got that weird feeling that a uti was coming on. drank some cranberry juice, which usually helps, but it didn't. bought some over the counter stuff, which usually works immediately, but didn't.

so sat am instead of enjoying friends & the beach, B took me to the ER. after a few hours they sent me home with some meds & all was better.

for a few days at least.

on tues my back started hurting, on weds am, i puked & was in bed all day long. i was nauseous, my back was killing me & my joints ached. my elbows hurt! what kinda crazy is that? i was in so much pain i couldn't sleep & knew if i couldn't sleep i couldn't get any better so finally at the end of the day i gave up & had B to take me back to the ER.

this time the wait was several hours, which didn't help my aching back in those ridiculous chairs & i could smell EVERYTHING making me even more nauseous. then the very knowledgable triage nurse has the odassity to ask me if i thought i was constipated? where do they get these people?

so when i finally get back there, it's confirmed the uti had turned into a kidney infection. so i got more drugs, but more importantly, she gave me something for my tummy.

update 6/23 - i went to my regular dr today, she looked at my lab results & said i actually had only a minor kidney infection. i hurt something awful & don't ever want to know what a bad one feels like!


  1. Oh Steph! I have had kidney infections before - my mom also had them, so I think it might be in the genes. I got the worst one while Chris and I were dating and visiting Chicago. I thought I was going to DIE! As soon as I read that your back hurt and you ached so bad, I just knew that was what it was. Cheryl and Bill had to pick us up from the hotel we were staying downtown and I laid in the back of Bill's truck. They took me to Grandma Gert's (they were still living in WI at that time) and I slept in GG's guest bedroom for two days. SWA flight attendants barely let me on the plane to fly home (I remember Chris saying to me - you better sit up and not look like you're dying or they won't let you fly - nice, huh?). And when Cat saw me, she said I looked green. The upside? I think I lost like 15 pounds from the whole thing. I was out of commission for over a week. You'll feel weak for a while afterwards - I'm sure you still do. Booooo! So sorry!

  2. wow, gotta love having to "not look like your dying" when you're in so much pain!

    darn, i did lose a few lbs, i thought my healthy eating had finally paid off!


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