Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the bikini dream

shortly after going outside to warm on monday, i realized that i was sick. like really, really sick so i went home. i drove home in 95 degree temp without turning on the a/c & the warmth felt good.
for the entire drive home.
sometimes that heat initially feels good, but normally after about 30 seconds your brain kicks in that it's starting to cook.
mine didn't. mmmmm, wwwwaaarrrrmmmm

i went home & slept 15 hours. i got up to use the bathroom a few times & at some point B brought me a gatorade that i drank in sips throughout the night.

i got up for about 2 hours the next morning, did a few things, then took a nap. in the afternoon B & I watched Hancock again, then nap #2. i was awake when Z came home & made sure he was fed & washed then it was time for me to go to bed. yeah, i know, after all that how could i sleep more? not sure, but i managed & here's the dream i had:

B & I are going somewhere, we get dressed in our bathing suits & are in a group of people. then for some reason i look at myself (mirror or reflection, i'm not sure) & see that i'm wearing a thong bathing suit. [i would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER wear a thong bathing suit, i don't even like thong underwear] but that's not even the worst part.

sit & swallow - that's for you. you need to sit down & if you have something in your mouth you better swallow it, otherwise you may damage your monitor.

so not only am i wearing a thong bathing suit, not only am i out in a public place in a thong bathing suit, my butt is COVERED in hair. now when i say covered in hair, i don't mean a little peach fuzz or even A LOT of peach fuzz, i'm talking RUG to the degree austin powers would envy. it wasn't very long, but it was very thick. & i was dying of embarrassment.

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  1. yeah baby!
    you were dying of embarassment but still wore it! lol
    from my trusty dream dictionary...
    To dream that you are wearing a swimsuit, suggests that you are feeling exposed or emotionally vulnerable. Consider how you feel in the swimsuit. If you feel uncomfortable, then it represents a lack of self confidence.


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