Sunday, September 21, 2008

grandmas weigh in

B's mom - we don't provide enough structure for Z; he needs to have a difinitive time for dinner & bedtime. his bedtime has always been 8:30 we recently moved it up to 8; so what she's really telling me is i need to be june cleaver & have dinner on the table at 6pm every night (because that will solve all our problems).

my mom - we don't let Z make enough decisions, he's not allowed to have a thought process, we're raising a child who can't think for himself. although i thought some of his anger stemmed from not being allowed to make more decisions so i tried to accommodate this, but now Z thinks he runs the household. he is allowed to make decisions that affect him, but at the same time i have to be aware that he tries to make decisions for me as well.

i realize they're both trying to help, but my mom was really combative about it, she doesn't get how different Z is from me. if i would have been like him & she had to raise me, i'd probably be in jail.

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  1. they are just trying to help in their own ways. but no one can really know how to handle the situation when they are 2000 and 250 miles, respectively, away from the situation.
    continue working toward a solution. it will come. have faith.


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