Saturday, September 27, 2008

report for the week

i was in close contact all week w/Z's school. He did well & were all happy!!!
we also discovered Z's not the only one hitting in class though - he was hit 3 times this week.
so what Z really learned was to tell the teacher when he gets hit whereas before he just took & she never even knew about it. L was the only kid he hit back before (that we know of) & now after having Z's K teacher get involved & the stand in principal, the teacher is keeping Z & L apart in the classroom.

but we're having extreme doubts about his teacher & her being able to maintain the class.

why is all this hitting going on? is this a boy thing? is it just this class? what?

we know Z & L are going to get into it again, i guess it's just a matter of who can run to the teacher first...

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