Friday, September 26, 2008

date night

although i spend hours in front of the tv, i do little watching. i have a few favorites like top chef, what not to wear, america's next top model, but very few night time shows. i got hooked into grey's anatomy after one visit to my mom's she had it on & would barely speak to me as she watched. unfortunately, it was not long after the hook was set that the stupid writer's strike began & i was cut off left only to watch repeats which wouldn't have been so bad except they kept playing the same ones over & over. couldn't they have gone back & played previous season stuff? give me a little background people! in the absence of grey's i did find the big bang theory & it's fun to watch.

anyways, that was all background, so B told me not that long ago, previous to the whoohoo new season starting! that he enjoyed watching grey's with me, so i told him that would be our set date night if we didn't manage to set anything else up. we live in a really little town where there's VERY few options for a date, WOULD TOTALLY SUCK to be single here; there's no where to go, nothing to do, less than a handful of decent places to eat & 1 small dirty, stinky movie theater.

grey's was good. B laughed at me as i smiled at the tv, like i was watching a video of old friends. he was tired so the 2 hour episode was a bit much for him. he had a long day out in the heat a lot, flew with some amateur pilots & had a bit of a scare; so when we hit the hay at 11, he was down for the count. i had a rough time sleeping & the fact that he was so tired he snored LIKE I'VE NEVER HEARD the man snore before didn't help matters. i promise it sounded like he was gargling a cat, no lil' kitty, a full grown cat & when i would nudge him he would look at me with this pissed off face because I WAS INTERRUPTING HIS sleep.

so the next morning i was exhausted. yeah i don't know if i could handle this date night thing more than once a week..

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  1. i don't watch grey's but i will stop at it while flipping channels just to see if i can catch a glimpse of mcsteamy!


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