Monday, February 25, 2008

does this count?

friday morning i took Z to school, ran some errands & on my way home thought breakfast sounded yummy. i'm usually not one for breakfast, don't care for the sweet stuff & i'm hit & miss on eggs (sometimes i think they sound good, then half way thru eating one i'll start to gag on it...weird, yeh, i know)....but anyways yes, driving home breakfast, eggs, bacon = yum.

so i get home & start to dig in the freezer for the bacon, then i think oh, sausage sounds good...then i remember it's friday during lent - bacon, no sausage, no meat for me ALL day.

so to make up for the lack of bacon or sausage fat, i covered by eggs in salsa, cheese & sour cream, wasn't so bad after all & i thought what a good catholic i am. really, i'm not big on religion. my mom was brought up strict "you're going to hell" catholic & she didn't like it, so she never imposed religion on me & most of what i know is from friends because we never went to church. i try to do my part, but mainly i live by the whole theory of be a good person & treat others as you wish to be treated.

so back to the lent thing, for as long as i can remember i've tried to do the no meat friday & i don't think i've ever made it every friday, don't get wrong, it was inadvertant meat eating that occurred. the only time i purposely didn't try is when i was pregnant & that's because i was merely a host to Z's cravings (yes, he ran my life in the womb too).

i missed the previous friday, i lost track of days, which isn't unusual & had a big ole roast beef & cheddar cheese sandwich. it was really good, you know why? because it was sinful! oh yeah, the eggs, that i thought i was being so good about i later realized i cooked them in bacon fat!

i'm so not cut out to be a vegetarian!

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