Friday, February 22, 2008

piss or porcelain?

during demo we're down to 1 toilet which with 2 males in the house ain't a good place to be. when i go to the bathroom the chances are about 90% that i'm either sitting in piss or on porcelain.

now the porcelain thing has always been a battle w/B. but i've told him on numerous occasions the simple way to resolve this is for him to choose a bathroom & it's his, no worries about putting the seat down - it's win win for me (i won't have to worry about sitting on porcelain, one less toilet for me to clean & i never ever get horrified by what i find when i do lift the seat to clean the bowl).

but he doesn't like my solution, why you ask? because part of the stipulation is i will not clean his toilet if we were do this & he's got a thing about dirty toilets. the dichotomy of B always surprises me; he must have huge internal struggles between his slob side & his neat freak side.

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