Thursday, February 28, 2008

a day in the life

the other night we picked Z up from his buddy's house & we're headed out to run some errands. we ended up spending about an hour talking with the parents so when we left we decided to just have dinner out. denny's ended up being the choice (living high on the hog, aren't we?), then we headed to HD to pick up a few supplies.

of course we had to take a trip to the bathroom (truth be told we don't have bathrooms at home, that's why we go out). after Z washes his hands he notices the pad/tampon dispenser on the wall & he asks "what's that?" beings he can't read i figured the easiest answer was "i don't know" - wrong answer for the inquisitive boy, he then asks for some money to see what comes out of the vending machine. so i tell him no, that it's not going to be candy & replies with a clearly disappointed "oh".

when we get home we stream through the nightly routine of doing some homework, changing into jammies, picking out clothes for the morning & brushing teeth & then Z asks me "aren't we going to have dinner?" apparently he wasn't present for that whole denny's thing even though he ate chicken tenders, french fries, my french fries & a cup of milk - must have been just a snack...

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