Tuesday, February 26, 2008

weekend warriors

ok, i guess that really should say "weekend warrior"...B did a great job on the bathroom but even Z was commenting on how we (he & i) hardly helped. B was just out of his comfort zone & Z doesn't understand that.

anywho, bathroom is almost finished & looks great. w/e before last we destroyed it only leaving the tub & wall tiles while the rest of the bathroom was on the front lawn (so glad i took the time to clean it the day before beings it was on display for the whole neighborhood).

the new floor tile is pretty (so much better than that early 80's linoleum), the vanity is cheap but still nicer than the old one, tile countertop (tough to install, but the glass mosaic decorative strip is so fricken sweet!), the lowflo toilet is cute (weird that a toilet could be cute, but it is, trust me), plus new mirror on the wall, new medicine cabinet (which Z claimed some time ago by placing spiderman bandaids within) & new cabinet above the toilet that matches mirror & vanity.

all that's left to install is the sink & faucet. the other day (while it laid in the middle of the living room floor) Z was looking at it & asked why water wouldn't come out of the faucet? - i just love that innocence!

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