Friday, February 29, 2008

lady the tramp

our first neighbors next door had a dog. when they sold the house, the renters had a dog but these dogs were good & we (nor Lady had any problems with them). the latest renter however has a dog that's a barker.

not only does Z go over to the fence to antagonize the dog, Lady does too. i've seen her go over there & sniff at him through the fence, but not only does she do that she rubs her butt up on the fence! you can hear her say "hey you want some of this?"

this morning i let her out & i hear neighbor dog barking, barking, barking so as soon as i get a chance i go over & let her in. as she's coming i holler at her "stop rubbing your butt up against the fence you tramp!"

then B laughs at me because he's never seen her do that, then he says "yeah, Momma doesn't tolerate tramps around here, she's had enough of them in her past"

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