Saturday, May 17, 2008

thrown out

the other night when i was getting Z ready for bed, i asked him to give me his legs because i needed to put lotion on them after his bath & well, he did this karate/ninja sound & was flipping his legs around & lost his balance & somehow managed to throw himself out of the bed. not only did he fall down but he also ran into his dresser on the way out of the bed.

so i scrambled across the bed to look over at him on the floor & ask "are you ok?" which even if he was, he knew it was an opportunity, so he cries & says "no"
then he climbs back up on the bed & i'm trying to comfort him, but really, i'm trying even harder to not laugh, so i'm breathing heavily. then B looks over at me & sees what a horrible job i'm doing of not laughing so he bursts out laughing.

Z tells him "stop laughing Daddy it's not funny" & i think i'm off the hook, but i'm wrong & he says "you too Mommy". so beings i'm doing such a crappy job of not laughing & i'm caught i go ahead & burst out laughing & i explain that i'm laughing because he threw himself out of bed, didn't he mean for that to be funny?

he said no, so i told him for not trying to be funny, he did a really good job.

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