Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

so this was the best Mother's Day i've ever far at least.
on fri when we picked up Z from his buddy's house, he gave me a handprint he had made in class for MD. on back, he wrote his name with a backwards Z.

Sat after the game we headed down to LA, i requested smog for MD, an usual gift yes, but a good one for me. i even drove. i hate the 395, but once i hit the 15 all is good. we did some shopping, i needed new clothes for the new job. i hadn't put much thought into it until recently & realized a lot of my clothing is from before Z, so it's at least 6 years old!

we attempted to go out for a nice dinner, but beings it was Sat before MD, was almost an impossible task w/out reservations. we ended up going to Joe's Crab Shack. i didn't order crab because i didn't want to deal w/the mess; but Z did, so i had to shell his crab for him beings B just started eating...

when we were done with dinner it was already 9pm so we decided to just get a room & stay the night. we had packed a light bag just in case, so it worked out well. we stayed at the same hotel i stayed at when i was there for U.Ralph's funeral. can't believe it's already been over 6 months.
the hotel was nice & they provide breakfast in the morning - yeh, not only did i not have to cook, i didn't have to clean - BONUS!

then we went to ikea but didn't get much. then we headed to another mall so i could get a few more items. i don't like shopping much these days, it's really difficult to find something i like, that fits, that isn't horribly expensive. now i understand why so many people around here think the city is so expense, when you only go occasionally, it's practically impossible to find the stuff you want on sale & you're so desperate you just buy what you can.
i didn't find any pants, i did get about 6 shirts, a few undergarments & 1 pair of shoes (heels, that i will have to learn to walk in....w/out falling that is!).

before we left the city we took Z to a little amusement park right off the freeway that he always asks to go to (at least when he's awake that is). he enjoyed himself. he went on a couple of big rides, but said he didn't like them. then we drove home. Z slept most of the way & when he got home he asked how did we get home so fast because he didn't believe me that he slept most of the way.

B & Z just headed out to the store because although we spent $25 on MD cards last week, B forgot to pick one out from Z to me & i told him i wanted one so they had to go buy one. Z just gave me my card & a whoopi cushion for MD, nice huh? B gave me his card, it was really sweet, then he also gave me a ball of soft mozzarella cheese & a cream cheese coffee cake!

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