Tuesday, May 6, 2008

doing ok

talking with boss didn't go so well yesterday. we were both stoic.

later in the day i spoke with a co-worker & he said boss was freaking out although he didn't budge when i spoke to him. co-worker had an e-mail titled "shot in the back", nice huh? it said something about how i expected him to beg for me to stay...nope that wasn't it at all. i didn't want to do the negotiation dance.

there was no point. i don't want to stay here. i don't like the work. i don't like anything about this place EXCEPT (& not in ANY particular order):
co-workers can be fun
PLENTY of surfing time
PLENTY of time to chit chat w/Maya
3 minute (yes, minutes) commute, & as stated in previous post
get to spend mornings with the family.

i thought today was going to be awful after the way things went yesterday, but it wasn't so bad after all. boss is already looking for someone new. my last day will be the 21st, 1st day will be the 22nd...so much for any downtime.

change is in the air

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