Sunday, May 11, 2008

milk mass

when we got home from LA & we were going around trying to get the house picked up to start the week, i noticed B had left a cup on the coffee table. i don't know if it was from Sat morning or Fri night, but i know it was B's because it was milk & i hadn't given any to Z lately. so anyways i made a comment as i walked the cup to the kitchen sink about how i was glad the house didn't smell because of the milk that had been left out.

then when i got to the kitchen i emptied the cup into the sink & the milk was no longer liquid! so i'm yelling "OMG, that's so disgusting" & although i hear B & Z's voices in the background, i can't comprehend their words because i'm so overwhelmed by the milk mass, it was the consistency of yogurt. i turned on the water immediately afraid the scent would reach my nose, thankfully i never got a whiff of it.

B said he was making sour cream for thanks!

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