Thursday, May 22, 2008

1st day

i made it before 7 - yeah!

had to go over all the security & h/r fun stuff. then they sent me on my way to the badging office & just as i was about to walk in i realize that oh yeah, my car registration is expired!

so i call B & he says to come get the registration from the truck, not like they're going to look out in the parking lot right?

i'm heading out of the parking lot to go meet him at work when i realize - duh, i can't get to his work, i don't have a badge, that's why i'm at the badging office. (as a military wife i can get on base, but i can't get to where he works). so i call him back & tell him i'm going to have try w/the VW registration.

luckily, i got a newbie & he was all flustered with my paperwork, then taking my pic, that he totally did not even remember to ask for id, registration or ins!

then i drive out to where i'm going to work. B met me out there, that was sweet. it's close to where he works. i walked around & met everyone, then sat down & practiced on some reports. my access is totally limited so i can't really do anything yet & the person who's training me doesn't work Tu/Th because she goes to school those days. my boss did have me go work on his computer though, so i could do some online mandatory training stuff.

overall it was a good day, slow, but i'm exhausted. the stress of everything has really taken its' toll, i can't wait for the beach even if that's causing me some stress too (having to get all packed up & such). oh well, i know it will be good!

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