Friday, May 16, 2008

taking care of business

a few months ago i received the notice that my car tags were due. about a month later i went & had the smog check done. then i asked B, ok this is ready to go, should i go to the dmv & take care of this or do you want to go? (he usually goes to do the military paperwork) he said he needed to go to do some other stuff & that he would take care of it.

stupid me, i completely misconstrued that whole "he would take care of it" into "he would take care of it".

this morning he tells me "why didn't you remind me?"
"um, i told you when it was ready to go, if i said anything more i would have been nagging you". i do admit, i totally forgot about it & it is my car, but he did say "he would take care of it". i left the paperwork on the table, which he conveniently filed in a pile somewhere in the house.

so although the smog check was done about a month ago & we have the $, my tags are late now.

update: i went to the dmv that afternoon, turns out i can't take care of it. B needs to go in & show his military id.

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