Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iron Man

i've been meaning to make a post about this since last week, but life got in the way. this morning M & I were discussing related topic which tells me i must post, so here goes....

last week B calls me to see if i can leave work early to go to the movies w/him & Z. i'm busy, so i can't but ask what are they going to go see? Iron Man, i wasn't interested on 2 levels, partially because the movie is what it is...i went to see transformers, what more do you want from me?

but mainly i couldn't go see the movie because i can't watch Robert Downey Jr. it's not that i don't like him, because i do, it's that, well, remember less than zero? i was scarred by it. the scene where he's so hooked on drugs that he services his (male) dealer to get a hit & he can barely stand & he's all f'd up & stuff is dripping out of his mouth? part played all to well, so whenever i see him, that image is the back of my head.

the boys went & saw the movie, they liked it. i was happy to have missed it. however i did get Z's 2 hour summary of the movie (that was probably just as painful), but he was really happy & excited so it was easy to somewhat listen to him tell me over & over about it. the next day after school i got to hear it all over again, must have been a great movie!

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