Saturday, May 17, 2008

Z's haircut

this is a late post, i knew i wanted to make it but work stuff has clouded my mind...
anyways so Sat am i take Z to get his haircut & the lady tells me the craziest thing. ok, i guess for being in an itsy bitsy town, it ain't so crazy, but it is dang funny.

her daughter is Katey, Katey from daycare with pink hair, yes, THE Katey that Z was IN LOVE with at daycare, the Katey that he would meet on the playground & even the providers thought their relationship was so darling because they would wait for each other & walk around, it was special.

so the last time we were in there getting Z's haircut, K was there but she didn't say anything at the time, but apparently right after we left there was a "Mom do you KNOW WHO THAT WAS?" mom said it sounded like it must have been a rock star or the president or something but alas it was just the Z.

i didn't know all this so i call, ask if she's busy, can we come by & she's all sure, perfectly aware of who the Z is now. when we get there she tells me to let the kids play so she can let me know what's up. then we ask Z if he remembers K from school & he says yeah, plays it all cool though (K's a year younger, so she's still at the daycare). mom cut his hair (she really does a great job too!), then she gave him a faux-hawk & painted it green! then the kids played some more.

when we were driving home i asked Z how come he didn't say anything before about K & he said "he didn't remember" - just like a man! here she was still totally in love with him still & he has SO moved on. but then at home B was egging him on & told him he should call her & invite her to the movies! So Z said the next time he gets his hair cut he wants to take her out....geez, kindergarten & we're already dating!

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