Friday, May 9, 2008

could spit nails

boss is interviewing for my replacement, so far he's seen 2 candidates.

the first, seemed ok but he said she seemed too young (the boys later told me boss said she was fat & talked like she was retarded)

(self note, how happy will i be to no longer work for someone who judges people like that? = very)

the 2nd candidate was here yesterday afternoon. she wasn't friendly to me at all, actually she ignored me. which says a lot to me, i think you should be nice to everyone, especially when interviewing. anyways after the interview boss said he liked her, wants her to come in a few hours each day so i can train her. however, girlfriend doesn't even know word or excel, so why is boss even considering her? because he knows her family!!!!!!!

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  1. where are you living in 2008 where you don't know word OR excel? "knowing" your boss, she sounds like someone he would think was a good candidate! maybe he thinks in the couple of hours she's coming in you will be able to make her proficient in both programs! lol what a tool!


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