Friday, April 25, 2008

about dinner last night

so we did the soccer thing, then we did the dinner thing & then i did the funny thing.

all the adults sat at the big table & the boys sat a little table by themselves & had their own tv to watch cartoons. it was nice to have the boys entertain each other. then Z runs up to the table & says he has to potty, then he says "real bad".

in Z terms that's the equivalent of "i've already starting peeing in pants."

so i get up & we hurry out of the banquet room, down the hallway, then once i can see up ahead start running towards the bathroom...& it goes south from there.

we enter the bathroom & i nudge him to the back of the room where there's an open stall & then i notice urinals on the wall & then i notice a guy washing his hands (which is weird in itself because in my experience it's a rare occasion for a guy to wash up).

but i digress...yeah, urinals....& a guy...& well, it was a lot to process in the frantic moments of trying to get a little one in the bathroom as fast as possible; before he pees all over himself, then cries because he's wet & is too embarrassed to hang out with his big boy friends anymore.

but what was even funnier is the guy apologized to me "oh i'm sorry" so i'm pretty sure the look on my face was
"wtf are YOU doing here?"
never mind that i was in the men's room.

so i finally look at the door (& although it was probably only seconds to process but felt like hours) i put together urinals + man in room + "men" sign on the door = I'M the one in the wrong place.

so apologized to him as i changed to a few shades of scarlet & waited outside for Z to finish his business.

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