Friday, April 18, 2008

how B & i spent the day

i dropped Z off at school in the morning & parked the car on the front lawn because it desperately needs to be washed. But B had other plans, so we loaded our trash & the tenant's refrigerator in the truck & went to the dump. then we went to HD to buy new kitchen appliances.

i don't think under normal circumstances we would have bitten that bullet but the old tenant f'd up the stove beyond repair. ok, not beyond repair, but in the arena of $450 worth of damage. both B & i are bitter about having to buy a new stove for the tenant while we hate everything about this kitchen.

the microwave, which is relatively new, less than 3 years, is on the blink.
it's moody - if you let the time run out on it, it has a hissy fit & you have to:
reset time
select am/pm
& year
several times before it will be at peace & willing to work for you again. your only lifesaver is the "add 30 sec" button but if you forget, walk away, let that baby run out & you will be paying for it - no instant gratification for you!

the stove...ugh, the stove, not only is it old & ugly, it doesn't even have a bottom drawer in a kitchen the size of a matchbox, & it's CRAP. the burners are either off or on, forget about simmer, not in it's vocabulary your choices are violent, overflowing boil or takes 2 days to warm. it took me a awhile to figure how to operate the oven & stovetop at the same time. you have to jimmy-rig the burners in order to use both 'features' of this stove because they do not like working in tandem. the stove has to be turned down to it's lowest setting, then select your burner, turn on the gas to it's lowest setting & use a match to light. once lit, the stove can be turned back up to it's original setting but don't get crazy with the burner it will go out & filling the kitchen with gas.....hmmm, maybe i don't need a sledgehammer to take that wall down after all.....

the dishwasher is not so bad, it's sustained many a kick (not my kicks, previous dwellers) so it's a tough one. but it doesn't clean dishes, just rinses them. everything i put in there has to be thoroughly inspected before i put it away. i really would hate to give someone a plate w/either left over food stuck to the plate or even residue from the wash. it also leaks out the front which Z feels is extremely important to point out every time he sees it. so i hardly ever used it, mainly when guests come over otherwise maybe once a month or so. Z likes to help me close the soap dish & turn it on.

so here were are, having to buy a new stove for someone else & hating everything we have, so what did we decide to do? we decided to buy new appliances for this house, micro, stove & dishwasher. the plan is to order parts for the SD house stove, we'll take the new stove down there & install, bring the 1/2ass stove up here which B will try to fix. B's a pretty handy guy so we're pretty confident he will be able to fix it & once that's done we'll take the stove back down there & we will get the new stove back.

hope our plan works out!

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