Wednesday, April 16, 2008


yesterday afternoon i got a kick-back from 3 positions i had applied to. i was SO bummed, i really want a new job, a challenging job, i really need to get the cobwebs out of my brain....& more $ would be nice.

i checked all my job boards after that & found one possible fit & i uploaded my resume.

right now, frustrated & just feeling ick about this stupid job, i checked home e-mail & i GOT A RESPONSE & they want me to call them. i'm so fricken excited i have to wait to call them because i'll probably scare them as i jump through the telephone lines screaming "hire me, hire me!"

i had to call B at work to let go of some of it but he was busy & thought i was being silly. i told him i was going to go home & have a shot of tequila, then call the guy, i'm sure that would do well for me. kinda like when i interviewed at the bank & i was high on painkillers from passing that kidney stone "yeah, i'm fricken great, hire me" oh, sorry about the drool...

ok, i think i got some of that out, i think i can call him now....wish me luck

oh please, please, please
let me get what i want
lord knows it would be the first time

just a little quote from morrissey...makes everyone's day a little brighter, or greyer, depends i guess...

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