Friday, April 18, 2008

lunch w/Z

i visited Z at school for lunch; it was the cutest.

he's been bugging me for the longest time to come have lunch with him. so i had B drop me off after our dump/HD trip at school so i could sit w/Z. he was sitting outside & he spotted me before i saw him in the slew of kids. he was so happy to have me there, he moved over so i could sit next to him, he ate his potatos & hamburger stopping to hug me every few minutes.

they blew the whistle that lunch was over & all the kids got in a line. Z told Ashley he was sorry but she had to be alone today. i asked him what that was about & he said they always hold hands on the way back to class, so i told him to finish his milk so he could hold my hand & her hand. he did, but she went off w/other friends. as we walked to class several of the kids were telling me about Z & his girlfriend A. i stayed w/Z awhile but then realized i was starving having had only a cup of coffee for the day, so i walked home.

when school was over i walked back & he & i walked home together. his buddy came over that afternoon but things didn't go so well between the 2. i think Z was just tired & cranky.

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