Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PETA is crazy

i just read this article that PETA is offering big $$ to any group who can create meat.

is that strange to anyone besides me? here we are in the middle of this organic this/organic that backlash. & now we are supposed to bring own hemp bags to the grocery store to take home some fresh from the test tube chicken...
doesn't that sound tasty?
wonder what kind of lab sauce they'll make to go with it?

while i am against animals being treated poorly (even the ones we eat), what really got me was this offer is made because they want to find a better way of dealing with "America's meat addiction". so the creation of space meat would logically stop the cruel methods used to raise & butcher the animals we eat today. instead of trying to create meat why don't they research better methods of humanely raising the animals?

but in the end, these animals aren't pets, they will be butchered & YES, i'm very thankful to not be the one who has to do the butchering or pluck that chicken.
i'm with courtney cox, if we weren't supposed to eat it, it wouldn't taste so good. (yeah, i know it was her character, in a show, that i don't watch; but i liked the statement.)

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