Monday, April 21, 2008

the W

people around here won't even say it, they call it "the W" because if you say, really you have beckoned it to come forth. well someone, i don't know who, but somebody done went & sang it from the rooftops!
i didn't know it, but there must be a rain dance for the W, & boy, did it respond.

Sat & Sun were tremendously Wy days. Awful, & i hate the W, always have. I remember being a kid at my Nana's house & her house is really old, has single pane windows that have putty or whatever it is to hold them in place but heat/cold/age causes it to fall apart so the wind...ah, crap, i said (er, wrote) it, the W makes the glass shake in it's frame - hate that!

it was also howling Sat & Sun night so i woke up all night long.
& why does it have to come on the weekend?
why does it have to ruin 2 otherwise perfect days for being outside?
it's a nice day today, but i have to be in the office..grr darn W, but i respect thee!

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