Wednesday, April 9, 2008

going home

last week we went home, real home, SD home

i was nervous to go, i know i shouldn’t but i love that house, love that neighborhood, so i apprehensive to see what we would find, to stay there, to have to leave it again.

the house was gross, but it still brought back the memories of the first time we walked though it, when i dragged B from room to room, showing him how beautiful it was, the little windows that sat at the kitchen counter level to let in extra sun & just perfect for plants, the big slider out to the nice backyard with an awesome view of the valley, the master bedroom with another big slider & an extra window above it (that let’s in the moon light & lets you tan in the morning while you’re all nice & cozy in bed!), the little middle bedroom that was perfect for a nursery, the 3rd bedroom with yet another slider (regular size) & a little private alcove.

yeah, home, nice to visit, but couldn’t stay, not this time at least.

as we cleaned & painted, we also showed the house to a few potential renters (5 total). when we left, we had a signed lease. a mom & adult daughter are moving in; they lost their house & were very thankful to rent ours. they said they would take care of our home for us, i hope they do.

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