Saturday, April 12, 2008

Z’s soccer summary

on thur's night was Z's first soccer practice (we missed last week's because we were out of town). he had fun chasing the ball around & being part of a team. he did get tired in the end & started falling behind the pack.

he's a good kicker, had control at one point then a kid came up behind & pushed him making him fall down & cry. he didn't hurt himself, but he's certainly not used to such behavior, hopefully he'll toughen up some.

Sat 8AM was his first game. it was funny, Z's team all just followed the ball wherever it went; the other team held their positions & had a boy not much taller than my knee & he was a ringer! i think he got 4 goals in 10 minutes!
Z had to sit out for awhile because his team had too many players & he was chit-chatting with a buddy from class instead of paying attn to the game.
Z's team only got one goal but they were all going around "yeah we won!"
uh, no ya didn't, but let's not ruin that spirit....

yesterday Z & i practiced his kicking & running after the ball in the backyard (grass is awesome!) every time he kicks he falls on his butt so i'm trying to get him to either not fall or to pick himself up right away if he does. then he got frustrated though, definitely our child, he just wanted to kick goals & have me stand there, if i stopped the ball he threw a fit.

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