Wednesday, April 9, 2008

injury count for the week

a family of klutzes:

1) tore through the master bedroom screen door, shook the entire house, when we found him he was still on the floor in a daze;
2) was jumping off his fold up Mickey Mouse beach chair (thankfully Momma got the hifalutin $10 one at HD not the cheapy $5 one at Pic-N-Spence, so it wasn’t the chair that collapsed) but he was swinging his bat at the tree branches above him & managed to come straight down on the end of the bat hitting that tender space just below the lip so he tore the skin outside on the bat & inside on his teeth (the next morning he was saying the scab on the outside was his beard!);
3) remember that master bedroom door, we thought he had learned his lesson about that, but the cleaning crew did such a fantastic job this time he ran into the DOOR! yes the 4 foot glass door, at full throttle (because boys know nothing less), he left a face print along with some saliva & lip prints on the door. of course he cried on that one, he was hurt & embarrassed, but once B confessed his story about running into the door, Z lightened up about it.

B - although Z has a paragraph, B wins the event with one action...falling off the cooler & seriously injuring his leg. i wasn’t around so i didn’t see it & it just looked like a scrape at first but a few hours later when he showed it to me, his calf had swollen so much he could barely get his pant leg up over it to show me the damage. he iced it down, but we had work that had to be done, so unfortunately he wasn’t able to get the rest that it required so instead of getting better, he got worse the swelling subsided on the calf but increased on the ankle. we came home Sat & took him to E/R - antibiotics & vicodin. he still has a knot in the middle of his calf, ankle still swollen & pretty much all of it is purple, even on his foot.

somehow or another i managed to get out unscathed, of course it’s april, my month for accidental self inflicting wounds is october (2006 the table/eyebrow incident, 2007 the lawnmower/toe one) ....i’m scared, i told B just to keep up the pace i was going to have to cut off a finger or something.

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