Wednesday, February 3, 2010

walking & talking

remember how Z's primary dr said she didn't want him going to school until he got his cast on? girlfriend knew what she was talking about...

so the elbow incident happened mon during lunch & he didn't go to school (by himself) until fri. taking that into consideration i figured the boy would really appreciate some time at his afterschool place.

he did. so much so that within an hour i was called to come pick him up. ONE hour, that means we paid $50 for that hour of care...Ugh! he hit a kid with a stick...again.

M & I talked about it some & she brought up some good points that i hadn't considered (thanks M). i don't know how closely they watch him; did they see him pick up the stick & wait to see what he was going to do with it? did they tell him to drop it immediately but he didn't? did they see the kid get hit or were they told it happened?

not that any of it would be an excuse, you would think by now Z would know to just not pick up the fricken stick right? [playing by the rules is for pansies, Z likes to make life interesting]

so i spent the weekend looking for new options & came up empty handed; where he's at now it the best [read: easiest & most affordable] place. i sat him down & told him he really needed to make this work, he needed to follow the rules, that although i'm totally loving this time i am looking for a job & the day is going to come where he has to go everyday, that right now is just for fun.

this week i've had him go for an hour each day except mon. the weather's been excellent so i walk over to get him & as we walk home we talk about how his day went. throughout the walk/talk i'm constantly interrupting him with: "don't do that, don't go over there, stay away from the rocks, no you can't walk on them, you already have one broken arm let's try & not make it two".

if i got a dollar for each time i had to say something to him i wouldn't need a job.


  1. your telling of the walk home is great. i think that is just being the mother of a boy (some girls need that as well). i think i spent years 4-8 telling caine not to push this or that button. he was a button pusher and would push it before he or anyone else even knew what it was for. :-)

    i read once where boys (& maybe all kids) just hear noise because we are always telling them not to do this or to do this. kind of like the adults in the peanut cartoons. wah wah wah wah so we should limit the instructions of what to do and not do.

    we both know it's not as easy as that. especially when they are walking through someone's flowers and after telling them not to they start jumping from crack to crack on the sidewalk without a care of who or what they are running into. :-)

    jeez is there a limit to how long a comment can be? ha ha ha

  2. yup, Z's a button pusher too.

    i think the "wah, wah, wah" is actually something in the female voice bc B doesn't hear me either! (hahaha)

    i guess you can write your own blog here in my comment section :-)

  3. ha ha ha yeah a blog in comments. so far that's all i got since i haven't gotten much further on mine.


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