Friday, February 26, 2010

death by star wars

i don't think i've blogged about it but for xmas B's ma & pa gave us a wii. it's some dandy. wish we would have had it when we lived in hell the desert, would have made it much, MUCH more tolerable. i like playing the sports, tennis took some getting used to but it's good exercise. one day i got a lil carried away & whacked the wii box [it should have known to run] oopsie!

one feature i'm not exactly sure if i like or not is you can test your skills & keep track. i thought that was pretty neat, so although i hadn't really practiced much, i thought "bring it on". i did some tennis, hitting a baseball & bowling....& [get this] my age was 44.

no, i repeat WTF wii?
[ok, maybe that's when i whacked it....whatever....i was alone so no one will ever no for sure now will they?]
anyways, that wasn't what i was supposed to talk about...

Z's favorite game is still lego star wars [remember?]& he's TOTALLY & COMPLETELY ready to join the legion of all those ridiculous neat star wars losers aficionados. [ahem]

it's still one of the first couple of phrases out of his mouth first thing in the morning & at bedtime; he even manages to fit them into dinner comments "i like this rice bc it reminds me of darth maul" [or whatever his name is, he's "bad scary dude" to me].

so B said something the other day about getting the movies beings Z has joined the star wars cult is so into it. first we went to walmart & they had 3 single movies [we were hoping to get a package] then we went to glorious target & they had the package of 3 so got that too.

at home we made dinner while Z got the first movie ready. i made sure to tell him not to open the other package of movies bc we were going to return them, then B said we weren't & i was confused. i didn't know that although we had 6 [count them, six] movies, they were all different, that there are 6 [s!i!x!] movies in the star wars story!!!

this is going to be torture.


  1. i think it's funny that you had no idea there were 6 star wars movies. 3 old ones & 3 new ones. where the new ones came out after but happened BEFORE the old ones. just to confuse you even more.

    (thank goodness the ban has been

  2. i didn't. i knew there were more than 3, i guess i thought there were 4.

    exactly!!! totally messing with me make the new ones the past...

    i only watched the 1st one & part of the 2nd one. i think the boys are on movie 4 or 5 though.


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